Toenail Reconstruction

Wilde-Pedique toenail reconstruction in Northamptonshire

Whether you to improve the look of a misshapen nail, or need missing toenails restored, either partially or completely, contact the expert team at Caroline Stead Podiatry4u.

Toenail treatment specialists

Toenail reconstruction is ideal for those summer holidays or special occasions when you otherwise would have been embarrassed about showing your toes or wearing sandals. It is available for men and women and is suitable for diabetics. With wini pedique it has anti-fungal properties, it actively treats fungal nails. For information, contact Caroline Stead Podiatry4u.

Men and ladies suffer from damaged and misshapen nails as a result of trauma or surgery. It can be difficult if you want to wear open toed shoes or expose your toes on holiday with irregular shaped nails.

This technique will transform the appearance of the nail to look simply amazing. Nail varnish can be applied to the nail 24 hours after the application of Wini Pedique.

Who could benefit from a toenail reconstruction (Wilde-Pedique Treatment)?

  • Patients requiring toenail correction and prosthesis for protection because of trauma or surgery
  • Patients requiring a cosmetic solution to a mycotic fungal nail or yellow and thickened nail

Toenail reconstruction at competitive rates

Those requiring relief from discomfort while wearing foot wear, either by having a protective covering over a corrective brace for an in-growing toenail, or over areas that are especially sensitive due to chronic conditions such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth. It is also suggested for clients with psoriatic nails or nails requiring protection from infection due to vertical splits, and diabetic patients.

Our services include:

  • Toe nail repair
  • Finger nail repair
  • Crushed nail treatments
  • Fractured nails
  • Injured finger nails or toe nails
  • Rebuilding nails
  • Heel treatments for cracked, hard skin