Effective verruca needling technique in Northamptonshire

The verruca needling technique is an effective way of treating stubborn/long standing verrucas for one off urgent treatment.

How it works

It is a one-off treatment that involves stimulating the immune system within the body, involving the administration of a local anaesthetic. Needling has been found to be very effective with stubborn and persistent long standing verrucae. Three months after the appointment, we check to see if the verruca has gone.
Our success rate at our surgery has been 100 percent with this technique. (reference our testimonials)

Benefits of the needling technique:

No need to come back for weekly or monthly appointments as is usually the case with other forms of verruca treatment. At Caroline Stead Podiatry4u, we are very experienced in this technique and have found it to be highly effective.

Benefits of the needling technique:

  • Effectively treats verrucas
  • Cost-effective
  • Targets the affected points