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“Good service and friendly staff. Feet feel better after treatment.
I tried somewhere else but didn’t like the service. The Boughton Greed Road clinic is very gentle and when doing my feet and I have been going for 10 years. I like the fact they give advice on care of your feet for when you leave the clinic and helping to keep your feet good Thank you very much”
— Vicky

Gap Mind
5 months ago
“Caroline Stead offers a professional Podiatry and Acupuncture service to her patients and I strongly recommend her skills.”
– Simon Costain (Consultant Podiatrist, Harley Street, London)

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me avoid the joint replacement surgery on my right foot that my consultant had said would be the best way forward!!

After one Acupuncture treatment in March with you for the Oesto Arthritis in my joint I walked out of your surgery knowing that it was definitely working & my pain was considerabily reduced & by the time I got home my pain was almost gone. In the morning I awoke with no pain – the first time in a long, long time! I had a second treatment on your advise for a ‘belt & braces’ approach & here we are in Mid-November still totally pain free. Back in July on the back of the success of my foot pain you gave me two acupuncture treatments on my right hand also for the Oesto Arthritis resulting in a very similar experience-no pain! & once again offsetting planned surgery. For me, I’m a convert & would definitely consider Acupuncture for anything else in the future. Thankyou once again Caroline.”
 – DW

Acupuncture treatment

23 June 2021

“Amazing! The instant relief and quality of my life since having acupuncture! Twice I’ve had treatment for shoulder and lower back. I would recommend acupuncture – no more tablets.

The service is professional and caring.

– P. Horner

Acupuncture treatment

18 January 2020 

“Dear Caroline,Following the acupuncture treatment you gave me on 9th January for plantar fasciitis I did follow up with a message to you that, on the next morning, I awoke earlier than usual & the dull ache which had seemingly dragged me down over the past two months had gone leaving only a slight soreness from the insertion of the needles.

Even better news!

Earlier this week I took a short holiday in Symonds Yat & my friend & I took a walk along the River Wye in the hope of seeing the Peregrine Falcons from The Rock: the weather deteriorated & we totally lost our way taking a wrong direction in the pouring rain. The walking surfaces varied from relatively smooth forest floor to extremely awkward flint-strewn paths along the Wye as well as steep climbs & skiddy descents.

We managed to reach the hotel after about 7 hours & 23.5 km soaking wet & in pitch darkness.

But on the following morning that left heel of mine was totally undamaged & felt better than for many weeks.

This is from someone, now 74 years of age, who had never experienced an ailment of any sort but had thought this was the beginning of the end…….

I just can’t thank you enough Caroline.

Very best wishes,”
– Stephen Bunce

“I had been suffering with joint pain on my foot for some time, which meant I had to use protective padding every day. After just one acupuncture session with Caroline, where she used a pricking technique, the joint pain was gone – it was almost instantaneous! So now no more padding or pain. Thank you Caroline.”
– Mary 

Acupuncture Treatment

“My daughter was surprised at how effective just a single session of acupuncture treatment from Caroline was when she saw my hand this morning. I tend to suffer with eczema on my left hand. After just one session, by the following morning the redness and soreness from my hand had disappeared. I wish I had tried acupuncture years ago as I’m not keen on the side effects of steroid creams such as the thinning of the skin. Overall I felt very relaxed after acupuncture, which I was not expecting!”


“Hello, I am Geraldine.
There are a lot of people walking around with trapped sciatic nerves and I am one of those people. I was then given the chance to try acupuncture. 

I was very sceptical at first but I thought I would try it, as the doctors could only give me pain killers. I am so pleased that I did. It only took about an hour to have the first treatment and within three days I noticed a difference. Out in the garden I could walk so much better.

So I decided to try to walk to the shops. I walked slowly and found a little pain in the calf of my leg. So I opted to have the second treatment. This again lasted about an hour. After four days, I tried to walk to the shops again and that was very good, no pain at all. 

I think the treatment for trapped sciatic nerves is excellent. 10/10″
– Geraldine 

“caroline stead podiatryFollowing a number of running related issue in one foot, Caroline recommended and supplied individually moulded insoles. The injury prevented me from running which also became an issue from a psychological perspective. She suggested a series of acupuncture treatments and was very specific which the particular points she used on and around my foot. The result after only a couple of sessions was dramatically reduced pain and an increase in circulation. The sessions also provided the opportunity to use acupuncture to boost other systems in the body and give some balance. I cannot thank her enough for the holistic approach she takes to treatment”
Claire Pollendine

“When I recently visited you regarding a pain in the ball of my foot, which my doctor refused to deal with, saying it was a podiatry matter, I was somewhat sceptical when you suggested that you felt that acupuncture would probably resolve the problem. However I agreed and, I must say, apart from an additional pain for 48 hours, that you said I might experience, the pain in the ball of my foot completely disappeared. I would now recommend acupuncture for foot treatment where it is considered necessary.”
– M. Abrahams

Verucca treatment

“After many years of treatment at last my verruca has gone using the needling treatment which was done with not too much discomfort.”
– Mrs C.B.

“I contacted Caroline regarding the treatment of some verrucae on my left foot following the recommendation of a friend. It was obvious from my initial appointment that I really should have visited a chiropodist much earlier but Caroline set about the task of their removal with much dedication, skill and good humour. Caroline builds up such a great rapport with her patients that I consistently felt at ease during my regular treatments and on no occasion was there any thoughts of nervousness or concern. Following a few months of consultations with Caroline, my left foot is now completely free of verrucae and I would not hesitate to recommend her practice to anyone suffering from the same condition as myself or indeed any foot related ailment.”
– Andrew

07 Feb 2019
“Excellent outcome from having the Needling procedure for a VerrucaWent to see Caroline because I had a painful Verruca which I had for a least a year, after discussing different options decided to have the Needling procedure which was painless and the procedure lasted about 45 minutes, 3 months later and the Verruca has gone. I am very pleased with the result and would highly recommend this procedure and the money I paid was well worth the outcome. Can not fault caroline and her team and would highly recommend a visit!”
– AlisonW-239

“I have had very painful heels and found it difficult to walk, most painful in the mornings and I didn’t know what was wrong. I had an appointment with Caroline Stead at her surgery, she assessed me and prescribed insoles. The insoles were an affordable price and since wearing them I hardly feel any foot pain. If I wear shoes without the insoles the pain does seem to re-occur.”
 – E. Bennet (Olney)

“Caroline has been regularly looking after my feet for many years, she has made such a difference – no more corns, hard skin or other problems. She has successfully performed nail surgery and provided me with shoe insoles to give me added comfort when walking. A real treasure! “
Mary Kay (Regular client)


09 Jul 2016
“First class service and attention to detailI was suffering from left knee cartilage damage and was due to have an operation but in the meantime realised that on pulling a suitcase with my left hand the knee pain went away. Wondering if my foot alignment might be aggravating the knee I consulted Caroline who suggested bespoke insoles which I now wear. I have a much reduced awareness of the knee problem and the consultant at the hospital advises me to continue with the insoles. Thanks very much Caroline”
– RussellH-24

Nail surgery

“Having my toenail removed was very easy and pain free. I would recommend it to anyone who has doubts about commitment. The removal of the toenail was completely pain free and in fact I did not even realise that Caroline had done it!
The only discomfort I felt was when the local anaesthetic was given but this lasted only a matter of 30 seconds. Caroline was very careful to check I had no feeling in my toe before starting the nail removal, and in fact added more local anaesthetic before starting. The biggest inconvenience was having to wear sandals for the week after as I could not apply pressure to my toe. I did not require any analgesia (pain relief) after the procedure. I would most definitely recommend the procedure. With hindsight I wish I had the procedure done earlier as it was completely pain free.”

Allison Shearer – community nurse

“When you are looking for professional and caring chiropodist/podiatrist in Northamptonshire, then I would highly recommend Caroline Stead. I recently developed an ingrowing toenail which prove to be extremely painful. Caroline recommended surgery, she understood my apprehension but reassured me by explaining the procedure and after care. This gave me total confidence in her. I am pleased to confirm that the operation was a total success, no more pain! Thank you very much Caroline.”

“After suffering from an ingrown toe nail, I decided to have a nail surgery. It was nice to have a result of not suffering anymore. I have regular appointments with Caroline to keep my feet in good order. Thank you.”– John (Regular client for 10 years)

17 Jul 2017
“FantasticI had a very painful ingrowing toenail. Caroline assessed it and removed a section of toenail and applied a chemical to prevent re-growth. She was extremely professional and explained each step of the procedure and checked how I was feeling throughout. She made regular notes regarding the procedure for her records and made an experience that I was not looking forward to surprisingly satisfying! She even gave me contact details in the highly unlikely event that I had a problem with my recovery. I would strongly recommend Caroline for wonderful patient care both during and after the procedure.”
– Steven

1 month ago

“On behalf of myself and my husband Donald Grant, I cannot praise enough the acupuncture treatments which Caroline has performed for us both.My husband’s back pain was extremely debilitating, and after the very first treatment his pain had been reduced very significantly, he now has regularly treatments and is virtually pain free.I had very bad joint pain on the my wrist going into my thumb, it was a miracle instantaneously relief. Thank you very much once again Caroline 👍”
– Carol Grant